Thursday, 29 December 2011

Tentang Saya...

~Kerana Allah sayang kita~

People might say that red is for love, but for is L.O.V.E
and that's why I heart green..:)

and I also have my own story..

it starts with K and end with A..and it's me..

My story might be just like others.I have a big happy family, a very loving parent (mak ayah,rindu sangat T_T ), adorable siblings, a big-warm-sweet house, and all those things that remind me of me..hehe..
But, instead of all that, I have Allah by my side.WE have ALLAH..He who will never abandon me and you..Be thankful for what we got, always..for those are from His Mercy and Kindness.

“Certainly, Allay loves those who put their trust (in Him).”
(Qur’an: 3:159)
(truly, true)

BE THANKFUL,always...(thank you ALLAH for my big happy family,my loving parent,adorable siblings,sweet warm house and for this life and breath and Islam)

and the thing that is the most important valuable gift You gave me..HEART..
(Ya Allah,tetapkan hati kami di jalanMu..amin)

am still studying (do pray for me.It's my final year,insyaAllah)
Di bumi di mana Allah sebut dalam Al-Quran bahawa sesiapa yang memasuki Mesir, maka dia akan aman..insyaAllah..

and that's my story..:).well, it is a bit short to begin with..but, ia masih suatu perjalanan panjang yang penuh dugaan,suka duka kehidupan..Apa yang diharapkan moga diri ini terus kuat menjalani hari-hari yang mendatang,insyaAllah..

"so do not weaken and do not grieve and you'll be superior if you're true believers" 3:139

Yup..kerana Allah tahu kita mampu..:))


and one thing for sure..I love those beautiful kawaii pictures..:)

p/s: do mind my grammar..and betulkan kalau tersalah.TQ :D